As a Chicago native, I am used to a fast paced atmosphere; people rushing down the street, staring at the sidewalks as they walk to their next destination. I think all too often this is the way people travel, rushing from one tourist attraction to the next without stopping to contemplate the minutiae of daily life. Living in Chicago, I’m immersed in a vast architectural dream, and try to pay attention to the beauty and details around me. When I travel, this sense of wonder grows and find it easy to be amazed by the smallest unexpected details. Typically the most enjoyable moments of any trip are on my own, when I can wander aimlessly at my own pace, exploring each new city to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. The interactions and chance encounters I have along the way are often where the greatest lessons derive; after all, everyone has a story to tell.

This blog is my personal archive of important and unexpected details found on the normal path, and those discovered by paying attention to the peripheries when venturing down the “path less traveled”.

Summer in the city


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