A Ride down the Chao Phraya River

After touring the Grand Palace, my classmates and I hopped onto a long-boat, crossed the river and had lunch at the amazing water front Supatra River House Restaurant. This was one of those Thai lunches you dream of…the cashew chicken…drool…

View of the Chao Phraya River from Supatra River House Restaurant

As we ate, we were suddenly graced with the presence of an American expat, Jeff, who acted as our “travel agent” of sorts for this trip. He once worked in the travel industry in the states and later started a business in Thailand when he realized that there was a lack of “custom travel agents” in this region of the world. Having the good sense to note that Americans don’t typically like to be herded onto buses and rushed around like many of the local travel and touring companies would have you do, he decided to specialize in creating that one of kind southeast Asia experience, complete with meals at the best restaurants and tours given by award-winning guides. All I know is that he is EXCELLENT at his job and hope I have the good fortune to use his services again.

After lunch, we boarded a river express boat to explore some of the klongs (canals) of the Chao Phraya River. Damage left from the October flooding can still be seen on  many of the wooden river-front houses.

Exploring the canals we saw schools, hospitals, temples, and homes on stilts lining the banks. I even spotted a vine that looked like Jesus!


There is an endless variety of things to see along this river – even huge, bread-eating catfish.


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