Living the High Life…Sunset at Pre Rup Temple

When we were offered an optional excursion to see the sunset from the top of a Cambodian temple, I jumped at the chance. There are not too many old temples in the world that one gets an opportunity to climb, observe the splendor all around, while drinking beer (we had one great guide!).

Melissa Coglianese at Pre Rup Temple Cambodia

Steep Climb to the Top

Pre Rup is a temple at Angkor Cambodia, built for the Khmer King Rajendravarman in 962. The temple’s name, as our guide Bunthin explains in the video below, means “turning the body”. This reflects the history that funerals were conducted at the temple, with the ashes of the body being ritually rotated in different directions.

As the sun moved closer to the horizon, the reddish brick became more vivid and beautiful. It was a lovely and amazing experience, filled with great conversation (ranging from topics of economics, physics and astronomy) shared with wonderful people.

Sunset from Pre Rup

One great group

As we were leaving, we noticed the Moon, almost as if to say hello, knowing we were just talking about it 🙂

The Moon says Hello

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